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About Antichamber Bingo

This is a bingo board for Antichamber.

  • Bingo races must be completed without using lag glitch unless it is agreed upon beforehand, by all race participants, to allow it.
  • All of the "Get into X Dev Room" objectives require that you must step into the main room area for that specific Dev Room.
  • The "restartlevel" console command is not allowed under any circumstances. Choose a different row/column if two conflicting objectives would have required it (i.e. "Beat The Game" and "Sign #6/Timer Sign" would be conflicting objectives).
  • You are, however, allowed to close and reopen the game. You may use this to circumvent conflicting objectives, should you choose to do so. Note that closing the reopening the game could cause AntiTimer to reset the splits, if you are using it instead of manually splitting; it is suggested to use manual splits for bingo instead of AntiTimer's automatic splits.
  • Agree with the other race participants beforehand which signs, if any, will be disallowed from the race. (Most likely signs #1 and #6 will be disallowed, if any of them are)

About Video Game Bingo

To win a "Bingo" race, you must complete 5 of the tasks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The seed number is used to generate the board. Changing the seed will make a new board.

You can click on the squares to turn them green and red. This may help you organize your route planning.