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About Paper Mario: TTYD Bingo

All important items, badges, and recipes must only be acquired once to count as a goal in normal bingo. You do not need to keep them in your inventory. Recipes, badges, and tattles should be tracked using the journal tab.

All regular items (not recipes) must either be in your inventory or in shop storage at the end of normal bingo.

Any goal followed by "(NS)" cannot be satisfied in part or whole by purchasing items or badges from shops. All shops disallowed in the completion of a "(NS)" goal are:

  • Toad Bros. Bazaar
  • Westside Goods
  • Niff T.'s Shop
  • Pungent's Shop
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Twilight Shop
  • Keelhaul Galleria
  • Sales Stall
  • Fresh Pasta Stand
  • Northwinds Mart
  • Deep Down Depot
  • Lovely Howz of Badges
  • Charlieton
  • Pianta Parlor
  • Dazzle

The following should serve as a description of when certain goals are deemed completed:

  • Defeating enemies/bosses: When the screen has faded completely black after the battle or level-up.
  • Items (Star Pieces, Shines, Inventory Items, Badges, Recipes, Crystal Stars): When Mario holds the item above his head.
  • Shop items: When you press A to confirm the purchase.
  • Solving a trouble: When the blue text box saying "You've solved the trouble" appears.
  • Super/Ultra Ranked partners: When you clear the final Merlon text box, or return to the partner select dialogue.
  • Redeeming items from shop points: When you clear the final text box to either receive the item or place it in storage.
  • HP, FP, BP, or stage ranks: When the screen has faded completely black after the level-up (or after the final text box if using Chet Rippo).
  • Partners: At the "joined your party" text box before the partner tutorial.

Goal-specific conditions:

  • Rogueport and Rogueport Sewers are separate areas.
  • Defeat Bowser (Glitzville): You cannot run from this fight to complete the goal.
  • Ruby Star: Refers to the second acquisition of the Ruby Star, actually ending Chapter 4.

Special rulesets regarding different bingo variations:

  • Anti-Bingo:
  • Lockout Bingo:

About Video Game Bingo

To win a "Bingo" race, you must complete 5 of the tasks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The seed number is used to generate the board. Changing the seed will make a new board.

You can click on the squares to turn them green and red. This may help you organize your route planning.